In the show, Jeff Marker and I give our thoughts about the movie after seeing it on Tuesday night. Of course, there are plenty of clips from the film and we even talk about the new TRON LEGACY trailer.

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4 Responses

  1. Enjoyed your comments on the film.We love Tim Burton movies!!
    What format did you watch the movie in? Should we watch it in 3D?
    I will add the Daily Flim Fix to my daily reading list! Thanks.Laura

    1. I did watch it in Real D 3D. Honestly, the 3D part of the film was the least impressive. I think though that I probably have been conditioned not to notice that these days. AVATAR was the first film that I really noticed the great benefit to a story that 3D offered. My thought with regard to ALICE is that it would work whether you see it in 3D or not.

      AVATAR, though, will be last year’s best picture come Sunday. ALICE will just make a lot of money without the big awards as well.

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