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June Trailer Mashup
June 14Men in Black: International7 years have passed since the last “Men in Black” film. The franchise started back in 1997, when Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones donned the distinctive black suits. And lot has changed since then, as comic book movies have changed summer blockbuster entertainment. This reboot has Marvel vets Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson stepping into the black ties and employing all that crazy alien tech.…
Watch: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – First Trailer (HD)
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – First Trailer (HD)Genre: Comedy/DramaDirector: Quentin TarantinoCast: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and Luke Perry Back with his first film in 4 years, Quentin Tarantino unleashes “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Starring Bard Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, the story is set in 1969 in what is called final years of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The cast not only features Tarantino fave Pitt, but…