In the final and third segment of last week’s show, Jeff and Jonathan review THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and discuss the promised US remake. Reportedly, David Fincher (FIGHT CLUB) is attached to the American adaptation. Watch for our KICK ASS review coming this Friday!

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks, enjoyed it! But Jeff, ahem, Harriet was the old man’s NIECE, not his daughter. And Jonathan, if you want “more creepiness”, read the books!

    I am NOT looking forward to the US remake, whether it’s David Finchered or not, just as I don’t think the Hollywood version of “Let the Right One In” can improve on the original… even though the “Kick-Ass” girl plays the vampire.

    I don’t get all these remakes. How can the new “Death at a Funeral” be any funnier than the British one?

    1. This is all true, but I’m very hopeful for the Let the Right One In remake which I think it’s called Let Me In. In addition to Moretz from KICK ASS, you’ve got perfect casting of Richard Jenkins at the “father.”

      I think that the story could expand the backstory of the vampire and “father.” The original had a very narrow audience and the remake will aim for a wider one. I’m not convinced that wider would be a bad thing here.

      Wasn’t KICK ASS just kick ass? My review will be coming out Friday.

      And yes, when cutting this week’s show, I noticed that Jeff said “daughter” when it should have been “niece.” I said this while we were filming the episode, but it wasn’t caught on camera. We’re shooting the show on the fly, which can create problems. The show is self-shot. We set up the camera and talk, which is very cool, but takes a lot out of us.

      Thanks for watching!

  2. You got me, Mercedes. I flubbed that detail.

    I don’t know which remake will upset me more – GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO or LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Probably the latter. I liked GIRL a lot, but it wasn’t a perfect film. I don’t think I’d change a thing about RIGHT ONE. It isn’t the most entertaining vampire movie, but I do think it’s the most interesting vampire movie – ever.

    Remakes of foreign movies are nothing new, but man we’re doing a lot of it these days. I’m not a Hollywood-hater like many critics and scholars, but this remake trend is a pretty clear indication that the big studios either don’t have many original ideas or – more likely – they’re more afraid to take chances than ever before. Which is saying something, because they’ve always avoided risk.

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