Daily Dose: Apps for Movie Buffs

Three apps every movie buffs should have

One of the best things about the smartphone boom is the emergence of useful apps for movie lovers. Apart from getting additional information about upcoming titles, these apps are useful for enhancing movie experiences by allowing users to customize their film collection or just rent movies online.

With hundreds of movie-related apps in the App Store and Play Store, it’s pretty difficult to cover everything so here are three interesting ones that we recommend for you to peruse.

Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes

Flixster just got even better by integrating its new software into one of the top movie review sites in the world, Rotten Tomatoes. With this new-and-improved app, users can watch high-quality trailers after reading some of the most comprehensive reviews by top critics on Rotten Tomatoes. There’s also an option now that allows users to cast their movie collection on TV, complete with HD support.


Now here’s a really interesting movie app. Are you the type who needs to go the toilet every hour? That can be a problem when watching movies. With RunPee, however, people can now enjoy movies completely even if they need to answer to Mother Nature’s call in the middle of the film.

The app has a list of movies that gets updated regularly, and each has carefully-selected pee times. They’re usually 3-5 minute scenes that don’t have key plot twists, exciting scenes, or funny moments. People can simply read what they’re missing during those minutes while doing their business in the toilet.

People really have use for their smartphones even in the most unusual of places according to Online Slot provider, Spin Genie, and whoever thought about making an app for those who have bladder problems inside the movie house is a complete genius.


IMDb is everyone’s go-to site for movie information. However, did you know what IMDb is more than just that? With it, users can read recaps of TV shows from yesterday, and discover new DVD releases for movies. There’s also a section for checking out movie show times at theaters near you.

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