Daily Dose: SHARKTOPUS on DVD!

The Mega-Shark and Giant Octopus trend continues on DVD today with something hilariously titled “Sharktopus.” The Roger Corman inspired and produced film has a great tag line: “Half-Shark. Half-Octopus. All Terror.”

While I’ve not seen the film that made its TV debut on the Sci-Fi channel last September, it certainly appears from the extended trailer embedded below to fall into the so-bad-its-kinda-good category. In fact, the cheesy special effects on display in the trailer, appear to be a cut above the now infamous “Mega-Shark” film mainly because they look a bit more clever and they last longer on screen. You could tell in the “Mega-Shark” film that the computer-generated effects were not very good because they were shown very quickly and were never clearly in focus. By contrast, in the trailer below, we get a great look at the title beast that looks so crazy its impossible not to want to see more.

Think of it: a shark genetically crossed with an octopus produces a mutant killing machine. Of course, this is a top-secret military experiment gone wrong that finds its way to a beach populated with scantily clad hard bodies. In addition to a huge bevy of hot babes, we get Eric Roberts yucking it up as the good doctor turned mad scientist responsible for the nutty cross-bread that pairs the watery jaws of death with eight gripping tentacles of terror.

Rent “Sharktopus” today and let me know if it is worthy of a “fix” rating.

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