Daily Dose: Carnahan’s BOSS LEVEL shooting in Atlanta


Frank Grillo in Netflix’ “Wheelman.”

Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo star in the new Joe Carnahan film “Boss Level.” The movie is described as an action-thriller, but from what is available online, it incorporates some science fiction elements as well. Sounding very much like a violent “Groundhog Day,” the story has retired US Army Special Forces veteran (Grillo) attempting to escape a time loop causing him to relive the day of his death over-and-over. Naturally, he has to figure out who is responsible for his death in order to break the loop.

This scant synopsis that is available also reminds us of the recent minor horror hit “Happy Death Day,” and even the Tom Cruise film “Edge of Tomorrow.” Frankly, without Carnahan’s testosterone driven direction (he gave us “Smokin’ Aces,” “The Grey,” and the underrated “Stretch”), along with interesting casting (which also includes Naomi Watts), “Boss Level” would be easily dismissed as a derivative attempt to jump on the time loop bandwagon. But surely the result will be a bit more inventive.

Casting calls recently have been looking for men and women ages 18-50 (that’s a wide-range) to portray pedestrians for a scene shot downtown. I wonder if the setting will let Atlanta play itself.

“Boss Level” should find US theaters sometime in 2019.

Check out the excellent clip compilation highlighting Carnahan’s directorial flourishes. This guy knows how to show us action.

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