The Gondry Brothers tell stories of love at first sight in just 8 seconds.

Working from the idea that the average attention span has shrunk to just 8 seconds, the filmmaking team of Michel and Olivier Gondry tease the concept of love at first sight in a number of very short films. 8 seconds? Well, according to the press notes, our average attention span is actually 8.2 seconds. So, 8 seconds per film will have to do.

Curiously, the brothers Gondry explore the magic number 8 with just 6 shorts, but they all promise to evoke longer than 8 seconds of contemplation. And given the talented crew, that includes professionals from the high-end music video world, we are assured of visually inventive filmmaking here. And that’s not surprising at all, because director Michel Gondry gave us one of the most important films about true love of the 2000s—“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Having seen the six films, whose titles all revolve around the number 8, I recommend taking them in multiple times. My favorite was “Night of the Scorpio,” the spoiler free synopsis of which is “an unstoppable force brings two people together to send sparks flying through the night in Las Vegas.”

Certainly the product of the commercial world (Park MGM is a production partner), the messages carried in the films, including instant love, longing, curiosity, and lust, are not meant to directly sell a product. Rather, they rattle colorfully around in your head demanding that you consider the spark that you instantly feel for another for longer than just 8 seconds, maybe even a lifetime.

The trailer is below. Each of the films will be available to watch online on September 25, 2018.


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