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Lulu Wang’s personal story becomes universal as we laugh and cry with her cinematic family There was a moment while watching The Farewell when I noticed a tear on my cheek. I didn’t feel it coming, it just suddenly happened. Thirty seconds later the film had cut to a new scene, and I found myself laughing, just as involuntarily as I had just been crying.Both the tear and the laughter…
The on-going loss of our motion picture heritage is one of the great tragedies of modern America. The movies have been integral to our cultural history since the 1890s. We can’t lay claim to inventing them exclusively, but we Americans absolutely made them our own. Yet over half of the movies ever made are now lost. Much of this loss is due to practical circumstance. Early film stocks were highly…
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Learning to Like Having 10 Best Picture Nominees
When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expanded their Best Picture nominees from 5 to 10 last year, it caused plenty of groaning among critics and fans. The change was obviously made to lend more movies a bit of publicity and to make the Academy seem less elitist. (Of course, if you’re worried about appearing elitist, why do an awards show at all?) And it suddenly seemed like…