June Trailer Mashup

June 14

Men in Black: International

7 years have passed since the last “Men in Black” film. The franchise started back in 1997, when Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones donned the distinctive black suits. And lot has changed since then, as comic book movies have changed summer blockbuster entertainment. This reboot has Marvel vets Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson stepping into the black ties and employing all that crazy alien tech. In “Men in Black: International,” the organization investigates a traitor among them.

The Dead Don’t Die

Indie director Jim Jarmusch is bound to put his decidedly left-of-center spin on the flagging zombie genre with “The Dead Don’t Die.” The director (see the wonderful “Peterson” and the romantic vampire film “Only Lovers Left Alive”) has managed to assemble an attractive cast led by Bill Murray and Adam Driver, as sheriff and deputy in the small town of Centerville, who battle a zombie horde.

June 21

Toy Story 4

“Toy Story 3” the Oscar for best animated feature, and despite criticism that there was no more story to be told, it has proved to be required viewing. After 9 or so years, another “Toy” story is upon us. Focusing on a new toy named “Forky” (voiced by Tony Hale), the gang goes on a road trip that is bound to tell us more about ourselves than about the toys.

June 28

American Woman

Jake Scott (son of Ridley and director of 2010’s “Welcome to the Rileys”) brings us a harrowing looking lost child narrative starring Sienna Miller. Miller plays a rough and tumble mother desperately searching for her daughter, while also having to raise her grandchild that has been left behind.

Maiden (documentary)

Through the use of archived footage, filmmaker Alex Holmes (“House of Saddam”) tells the story of Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old charter boat cook, who became a skipper of the first-ever all-female crew to compete in the Whitbread Round the World Race back in 1989.