Readers might remember how much I liked David A. Weiner’s epic horror documentary “In Search of Darkness” last year. Read my review here:

Just when you thought there was no coffin unopened with part one, Weiner is back with another 4 hours of frightening interviews and horrifying clips. And you’re in luck, if you missed part one, he includes it on this new offering. That’s 9 plus hours of 80s horror.

I can’t wait to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon absorbing the entire project. Fans will find the documentary a nostalgic experience and others will be educated on the highs and the lows associated with the birth of modern horror. It’s a great vehicle to discover old forgotten films.

Next, Weiner is hard at work on another documentary about 80s science fiction movies.

The “In Search of Darkness: Part II” trailer is below.

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