Review: HORNS

Daniel Radcliffe continues to prove to us that not only can he act, but he’s willing to take risks to make us forget his beloved alter ego. In “Horns” he plays Ig Perrish, a radio DJ who may have killed his girlfriend Merrin (Juno Temple). Released on bond, Ig spends most of his time drinking and avoiding the press that are determined to get an interview with him now that he’s an accused killer. But when he wakes up one morning with horns growing out of the top of his head, things begin to turn around for Ig. Maybe he can do a little demonic detective work and find his gal’s killer.

This satirical tale reminded me of what would happen if “Twilight” had been crossed with “Heathers.” Radcliffe does a convincing American accent. His almost hunky performance even made my girl suggest that maybe one day he could beef up enough to play James Bond. When she said this while we were watching “Horns,” I just couldn’t get the wacky idea out of my head. The weird thing is that it is certainly a possibility. Radcliffe, Daniel Radcliffe has to be one of the most interesting actors under age 30 working today, and he’s just 25.

Anyway, “Horns” is adapted from a novel by Joe Hill, who just happens to look a lot like another horror writer who sometimes goes by the name Richard Bachman. And there’s a reason for that, Hill is Stephen King’s son. And “Horns” feels a lot like a King film. I’d like to see more Joe Hill brought to the screen.

Finally, “Horns” also benefits from a great score that prominently makes use of Bowie, EELS, The Wanton Bishops, and this great song “Shut Up I am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings” by Sunset Rubdown. This is one hip, grim fairy tale.

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