Snoop Dogg joins forces with James Franco in “Future World.”

Snoop Dogg plays a character named Love Lord in James Franco’s post-apocalyptic “Future World.” Faster than you can say “BattleTrucks,” Franco and co-director Bruce Thierry Cheung have churned out a dirty looking view of the future ala “Mad Max.”

In addition to Snoop and Franco, we get Suki Waterhouse, who’s been down this road before with 2016’s cannibal film “The Bad Batch.” And based on the trailer, it looks like Waterhouse pulls a “Cherry 2000” by playing a synthetic human or robot that is sought after by Franco’s yucky-looking villain.

Into the fray is a wild eyed Milla Jovovich, Lucy Liu as a character named The Queen, and Method Man playing someone named Tattooed Face.

The grimy and desert set locations are like something right out of “Steel Dawn” mixed with “Tank Girl.”

Enough of the post-apocalyptic movie references, wait, one more, I got a “Def-Con 4” vibe from this one as well. “Future World” is supposedly making its way into theaters on May 25.

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