The power of music boosts familiar tale

Music moves us. Whether it’s the refined elegance of a classical melody or the unhinged chaos of punk music, harmony or lack thereof impacts the human psyche. Orchestrated sounds have healing properties.

The “Military Wives” based-on-real-life story might be familiar and manipulative, but the sincere theme of the power of music shines through.

When their spouses get shipped out to Afghanistan, an empty sadness lingers with the wives of the departed soldiers. The commander’s wife, Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas), comes up with an idea to improve morale by starting a military wives’ choir. Initially, the younger wives are hesitant to join in, but partially out of respect for the commander, they give it a go.

One wife, Lisa (Sharon Horgan), embraces the idea, but only if they try contemporary music. Since Kate is of an older generation, she insists on more traditional choices. Naturally, the younger voices get their way, and Kate proves that she’s not as stuck-up as she, at first, appears.

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