Hanks leads and writes WWII dramatic thriller

Whether on land or by sea, Tom Hanks is Hollywood’s embodiment of the all-American hero. “Greyhound” continues that winning trend, albeit in a more subdued fashion.

While Hanks’ name is at the top of the marquee, and he even serves as the film’s screenwriter, the combined forces are the true heroes of “Greyhound.” These forces, British, Canadian, American, and possibly other countries, bravely traverse the dangerous Atlantic bringing troops and supplies to Europe during World War II. This early effort, the Battle of the Atlantic, was critical to Allied success.

“Greyhound” tracks Captain Krause (Hanks) on his first combat command. His destroyer, named the Greyhound, is tasked with escorting and protecting a large convoy. The fleet includes cargo, tanker, and passenger ships that carry needed men and munitions.

In a flashback, Krause meets with his girlfriend, Evelyn (Elisabeth Shue). He explains that he’s being shipped out and asks Evelyn to join him so that they can marry in a tropical location. She demurs. It’s not that she does not love him, but the timing isn’t right.

It’s this denial that Krause carries with him into the choppy, chilly Atlantic waters. Lurking stealthily under the sea are several German u-boats charged with sinking the fleet. And Krause’s ship is armed and ready to join in the floating battle.

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